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Drupal is a powerful and easily editable content management system (CMS) that allows users to create and manage content on one or more websites.  It is open source and used by millions of people and organizations. It benefits from a very large community of developers and users. Discover on this blog articles on Drupal modules, tips and code to optimize and add features to Drupal.

Ultimate Cron

Drupal has a native CRON system but it does not allow you to manage CRON tasks individually or by group. The Ultimate Cron module allows running a CRON job or group of jobs at different times.

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How to improve the ergonomics of the Paragraph module in the back office?

The paragraph module improves content management on Drupal. By default, the display of paragraphs can cause ergonomic problems (very long editing page, no overview of paragraphs, difficulty in ordering, etc.). Here is a solution to improve the presentation of paragraphs.

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How to create custom permissions on Drupal?

We may need to create permissions that do not exist natively on Drupal or that are not precise enough. For example, Drupal will offer a permission that includes several features when we want to offer only one. The custom permissions module allows you to precisely manage permissions.

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How not to display content on its own page (full view mode)?

You may have a content type that should never be displayed on its own page, such as an image content type displayed in a carousel. Rabbit Hole can prevent this node from being accessible on its own page, via node/xxx.

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How to create role-specific registration pages?

The Multiple Registration module allows the use of different registration forms depending on the roles.

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Rename "web" public folder to htdocs, public_html or other

The folder that contains the site is named web. It may happen that we are asked to rename it. Here's how to do for example if this folder needs to be renamed to htdocs.

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How to assign a role automatically when creating a user?

We may need to assign a role automatically to users who register on a Drupal site. This avoids having to do it in the admin if the account needs to be validated and it allows users to have the right role if the account is activated automatically.

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How to remove all terms from a taxonomy

You may need to delete all the terms of a taxonomy, either to replace them with a new list of terms, or under development to redo an import.

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