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How to create role-specific registration pages?

The Multiple Registration module allows the use of different registration forms depending on the roles.

For example, you have 2 roles: individual profile and company. You can offer 2 different registration forms for individual profiles and companies with different fields.

Create a new input mode

The module allows you to manage registration forms and also editing forms.

Once the module is installed, you must first create a new input mode here /admin/structure/display-modes/form

Custom display setting

On the example, I created a mode called "organization registration".

Then, on the people form display management page /admin/config/people/accounts/form-display, we select the custom display setting created earlier.

Once validated, you can see the new tab which allows you to manage this new form and therefore to have settings specific to this registration form.

Add a registration page for roles here: admin/people/roles

Then, we can configure the module here: /admin/config/people/multiple_registration

You can define the url of the new form, the redirection path after validation of the form, the registration form that will be displayed and the profile editing form, deactivate the tab on the page.

A warning message informs you that you must not forget to go to Settings for access to multiple registration pages

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